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2021. December 6. 19.30 Liszt Academy, Budapest / "Hommage á Zoltán Kocsis" 

2022. January 22. 15.00 Műcsarnok, Budapest 

2022. February 4. 19.00 Liszt Academy, Budapest / Amadinda Percussion Project

2022. February 16. 19.30 Liszt Academy, Budapest / "Voice of Dignity" - Hungarian Hospice Foundation 30th jubilee concert

2022. March 22. 19.30 BMC, Budapest / "Driving to Texas" - Remembering András Wilheim 

2022. June 21. Tóth József Színház és Vigadó, Szentes (H) / "Faire La Féte" - Amadinda Percussion Project

2022. July 17. 21.30 Székelyudvarhely (RO) / Míves Emberek Sokadalma

2022. October 11. 19.00 House of Music Hungary, Budapest / "István Márta: Kaleidoscope"

2022. November 3. 19.00 Liszt Academy, Budapest / Amadinda Percussion Project

2022. November 9-12. PASIC 2022, Indianapolis

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LEGACIES 10 (Tom-Tom Records)

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James Wood: Khamush (Sargasso)

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Párhuzamok és kontrasztok (Fonó Records)

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(the) Amadinda-Presser New Year's album (book+CD)

which guides their readers through a series of concerts starting on New Year's Eve 2001 with photographs, concert programmes, sample scores, notes, as well as an enclosed CD. Guest artists of the past fifteen years' events have contributed their memories. The book also features related online video footage directly accessible on the internet with the help of a mobile QR-code reader application.

Edited by Aurél Holló, designed by Gábor Vető, the book is available in the following webshops:



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